Shark’s Tooth Full Face 180° Snorkel Mask

This veil has numerous prominent highlights, including its exceptional flexible ties and the rainbow focal points.

View of Shark’s Tooth Full Face 180° Snorkel Mask

Shark’s Tooth Full Face 180° Snorkel MaskThe main thing that must be referenced about this cover is the unfathomable view. Like different models on this rundown, it has a level focal point for that 180-degree see. In contrast to different models, it includes a rainbow focal point that gives you a staggeringly clear picture.

The rainbow focal point offers a HD-perspective on what is happening under the ocean. You see everything in splendid, clear hues not ready to be seen through a polycarbonate focal point. Also, it has UV-400 assurance, so you will be shielded from the light whether on ocean or land.


The breathability of this veil is improved by a swimming cylinder that is longer and more extensive than the business normal. It includes a dry snorkel innovation top structure, to keep water out of your snorkel veil. This plan enables you to plunge somewhat more profound than three-feet while keeping water under control.

No Fog to Ruin Your Dive

A special breathing framework exists utilizing an outside chamber. This is situated outside of the focal point, which means you never take in the survey zone of the veil. In addition to the fact that this prevents haze, you don’t need to stress over your very own hot breath annoying your face while you plunge.

Simple to-Fasten, Secure Fit

Another creative element of the snorkeling masks reviews is its safe fit plan. On the back of the snorkel cover, there is a catch with four separate lashes to help fit your veil. This implies it will embrace perfectly to each bend of your face for a water/air proof seal.

While this was the situation for a great many people, a few buyers didn’t care for the plan of the lashes. The catch on the back (where the fasten is) discharges the ties, yet it tends to be difficult to push. The benefit of this plan is that the veil won’t need balanced each time you put it on.

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