How To Find Really Cool Gifts For The Bowlers In Your Life

Bowling has become a popular sport in recent years. People are teaming up at work, with friends, and families to enjoy this relaxing activity. I know in my area which is a military town there are bowling alleys everywhere. It doesn’t look like there are any signs that bowling is going to slow down anytime soon. So it should be no surprise that more and more people are looking for bowling gifts that won’t strike out!

Where to Look For Bowling Gifts

With more bowling enthusiasts around the hunt for bowling gifts is on. One place to look for them is on the internet. Sites like eBay may have some ideas. I personally use eBay for a lot of my shopping. Gift certificates are always a treat. You can find them online at various sites. Gift certificates to their favorite bowling alley can be purchase in person or by mail in most areas and if you have someone to by a gift for who is an avid bowler they will surely appreciate the gift of a few games. Check out malls and specialty shops, there are quite a few catering to bowlers.

Creative Ideas

There are plenty of great gifts out there waiting to be found. Here are a few ideas;

Bowling shirts, you can even have then printed with names or pictures. Have you ever heard of Cafe Press? You can go online and open up an account there for free and create items that you only pay for when you actually have them printed.

Bowling balls, these can be creative with different colors, pictures, even sizes.

Bowling shoes, these make a great gift for the avid bowler! Who wants to wear borrowed shoes that are shared with everyone else?

Bowling Bags, a simple bag to put all your accessories in, or customize it to show some flare!

Bowling Books and bowling balls review, how to books are good, also avid bowlers may find tips to help their game.

Keep in mind if purchasing shoes or shirts the size, material and printing before you buy. You want to make sure they fit if you put graphics on them; they may not be exchangeable if needed.

Small Gifts:

Here are some ideas for small inexpensive gifts;


Wrist supports.

Bowler’s tape and bandages.

Ball cleaners and polishers.


Grip sacks.

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