Download WeChat For PC

Wechat Messenger is one of the best messaging app which let you keep your buddies always close to you by unlimited live communication. You can share unlimited photos, videos, contacts, texts etc without any cost i.e. completely free.

It’s one of the most popular messaging application after whatsapp. In addition to the above discussed features Wechat also allows voice messaging, video calling and much more.

So, guys this tutorial is to guide you on how to download Wechat for windowsxp/7/8 or windows 8.1.

This application is on all the platforms like android,windows phone and IOS but unfortunately there is no official PC version available of it till now. So to make it running on your computer you need to go through the guide I’m sharing with you here.

Features in Wechat for PC

Voice Chat:
Wechat allows you to send your voice messages very easily all you need to do it hold ”hold to talk button” record your message and then release the button to send.

Free Calls:

Using Wechat now you can call your friends too, To call your friends just tap on the “+” button and select voice call option to ring your friends.

Video Calls:

Video calls are now available on all the versions of Wechat after version 4.2 and later, it allows you to make a video call with your friends. To make a video call just tap on the “+” button and select video call option.

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