Best Dog Fences – Which Works For You

Im getting a puppy soon and we have one of those portable metal fenced dog pens and we are looking for something that is larger …we have 100 plus acres for her to run but we want her to stay in the immediate yard… I would like to know what fencing system is the best and if anyone has put it in themselves…its a big yard and would like to know if anyone has done it before….

i know for those people who just like to leave nasty comments the best way to keep her in the yard is to have her on a leash.. Thats a given…
we are looking more towards the electric because the size of the yard ..and shes a lab….

Anybody have experience with portable outdoor dog fences?

My backyard is 3/4 of the way fenced and i just need to find some sort of portable fence i can stretch about 21 feet across my concrete patio from my house, to the garage. This way we can let my dogs out by themselves and let them play in the backyard without a chain. Any ideas? No electrical fences either because we cant tear up the concrete patio.

Invisible fence for dogs that is “portable?”?

I live in a rental, and will be moving in the near future. I have heard about an GPS wireless dog fence that you locate in the center of the radius that you want “protected.” For example, you would locate the main sensor on your roof and it would create an electrical barrier for a circle around that center point. I forget if the actual “fence”/lines are still dug underground or if they are something different?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I can’t seem to find information about this type of fence now. I can’t afford to have one professionally installed here and then move, but i need one. Any idea of cost?

(Please, save the lectures on walking my dogs, etc. etc.) I DO walk my dogs lots. They just enjoy being out in the yard sleeping in the sun versus inside while I am home and i can’t take any more chances of them seeing another dog and running to play with them….

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